Career change at 40, how to change careers at 45, how to change careers at 50

Career change at 40, how to change careers at 50

One of the biggest lies our egos tell us, is that we're too old to start over and that we're too old to change careers. I'm glad to say that's total B.S.

If you're 40, how many more working years do you think you have? 20? 30? Twenty years is plenty of time to do something different and even retirees get bored and go back into business to keep themselves occupied and their minds fresh. You are NEVER TOO OLD to learn something new. You are NEVER TOO OLD to reclaim your life and blaze your own trail.

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the best known voices on social media. He's a wine connoisseur and became famous making videos about wine pairings. He posts motivational videos almost daily and today's video is meant to remind you that you're NEVER TOO OLD to start a business, and online businesses are the simplest to start!

This video is a note to his 50-year-old self.

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career change at 40, how to change careers at 50

Humans are living longer than ever before and Gary V. wants to make sure you realize how much time you have.

Most people feel like entrepreneurship is a young person's sport and he's trying to break that stuck pattern of thinking. He says that he's truly blown away by how many people he meets, who say that they're stuck in their career path and that the dream of something different or better is finished.

It doesn't matter that you didn't take the risk in your 30's or 40's. Let go of 'I could have' or 'I should have.' There are still many years in front of you. It's not your fault that you've settled into your routine and life. Most people do, but that doesn't mean that you can't break free from a mundane life that lacks passion and drive.

He says that it doesn't matter that you may have been born in an era, where starting a business wasn't practical, but that things have never been more practical than they are now. It's the time to educate yourself because it's never been easier to start a business.  

He goes on to say that he didn't grow up with a smart phone and social media either, but he was flexible and learned the skills necessary to stay current and take advantage of the opportunities that were right in front of him, and you can do the same!

You'll figure it out, if you try. You didn't know how to ride a bike, but you figured it out. You didn't know how to be a parent, but you figured it out. He encourages you to think about everything you learned from the time you were ten years old until now and then to think about how many years are realistically still in front of you.

He goes on to say that a 70 year old woman has just as much chance at succeeding today as a 20 year old guy. The only requirement necessary is the drive to learn new skills and put them to work.

Gary says that smart phones and their capabilities aren't just for kids. They allow everyone the chance to make a change and succeed. For the first time in history, we're all connected by the device we keep in our pockets and purses.

It's your time to stand up and take advantage of your life, because there is so much left of it.

He says that he's filming this video to inspire the 40 to 80 year old entrepreneur and I hope it inspires you!

How to change careers at 40, 45 or 50?  Am I too old to start an online business?

Stuart Ross is one of my top mentors and he gets asked these questions all the time. What he says might surprise you! Click the video below to gain a few new insights.

career change at 40, how to change careers at 50

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Our core value is this - we want to help anyone who has the courage to step out of the status quo (your financial security in the hands of an employer) and drive into creating life on their own terms. All you'll need is a working computer, a decent internet connection and the commitment to learn the skills that will set you free. We help each other and if you're hoping to find a community of people who can show you how to career change at 40, and how to change careers at 50, you've found it!

Most of our community members were working to build someone else's business and someone else's dreams, but decided that life is too short. We all had "a-ha" moments and decided to recreate our lives by starting online businesses in our spare time. Join us and protect your income!

Meet Stuart Ross, SFM Co-Founder and Your Guide

"Welcome! I started my journey into the digital and entrepreneurial world with nothing more than perseverance, a laptop and a dream. 

To date, I’ve created a multi-million dollar lifestyle business in the education and technology industry that I absolutely LOVE. My driving passion is sharing the know-how and mindset that lets others feel the same way.

The reason they call me The Freedom Entrepreneur is because I refused to accept the constraints of traditional employment. Having successfully found a better route, I’m committed to showing others how to live life on their own terms too."  

Stuart and his team have helped thousands of people who want to be self-employed from the comfort of their computers, but don't know how. The SFM's Digital Business System and community are one of the fastest ways to get you from where you are, to where you want to be.

Four Principles To Create Your Best Life


Stuart talks about vision moments. My girls screamed with delight, as they touched snow for the very first time and like a light switch, I instantly realized that no job was worth missing my kids' childhood and making quality memories together. That's the vision that keeps me motivated. I'm putting the effort in now, so I have free time and extra money to make memories with my wife and kids for many years to come.

principles for success, know your vision


"Every day I make sure that in some capacity, I'm investing in myself. Unlike school, as a self-learner, you get to choose the areas you're enthusiastic about and you get to choose the people that you're learning from." The most important investment I've ever made has been in me and my education, not a 401k. The return on your investment is the ability to earn income, no matter what the economy is doing. 

principles for success, invest in yourself


Find someone who has what you want and do what they did! Find someone who’s willing to teach, who's been there and done what you'e looking to do, and follow their lead. I tried to build several online businesses early on, without a guide, and failed. Then I found the SFM and their guidance allowed me to succeed. It's designed to help anyone go into business for themselves online.

principles for success, do the work


If you don't know your values, then it's time to uncover and illuminate them. Then, everything else you do will be aligned with your values. I decided to make a change and learn the skills necessary to be self-employed online, so that I'm always available to make memories with my wife and kids. God, integrity, loyalty, having fun, and passion are a few other values I hold dear. What values drive your daily actions?

principles for success, know your values

It's your time to join a group of people who are completely changing their lives for the better. Are you ready to find out what the SFM community is all about?

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