What is online affiliate marketing?

What is online affiliate marketing?

There are basically two ways to make money online. You can sell your own product or service, or sell somebody else’s. Connecting buyers to other people’s products and getting paid for the referral is online affiliate marketing.

If you don’t have your own product or service to sell, but want to use the internet to make money, affiliate marketing is the best place to start. Fortunately, most major companies have affiliate programs and are happy to pay you for sending business their way, and those purchases don’t cost the consumer anything extra. The company actually selling the product makes less profit because they pay the affiliate a commission, like a salesperson.

What’s also very appealing is that affiliates manufacture nothing, keep no inventory, ship nothing, and aren’t involved in money exchanging hands or warranties. Affiliates are paid simply for referring customers who buy. The internet truly has leveled the playing field and now anyone can start their own affiliate marketing business in their spare time.

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When trying to answer the question, what is online affiliate marketing? Amazon.com is the most widely known example.  Anyone can sign up as an amazon affiliate. Click the video to the right to see more.

The challenge with Amazon is that the affiliate commissions are low and one must generally sell lots of product to make any substantial income. Luckily just about anything available for purchase can be found on Amazon, so affiliates don’t have to refer people to $5 or $10 items. The smart affiliates look for high-ticket products. I’ve learned that it takes the same amount of effort to get a $1 product in front of a prospective buyer as it does to get a $7000 product in front of that same prospective buyer. Don’t waste your energy on low-cost items. What high-ticket items do you use or at least believe in, that you could get behind morally and tell others about? Start to brainstorm!

When pondering the question, what is online affiliate marketing? Companies like, CJ Affiliate and Click Bank also come to mind. Thousands of retailers, both large and small gather within the CJ and Click Bank marketplaces to find people like you! They’re looking for people who want to use the internet to make money and will get their products in front of prospective buyers. While Amazon affiliate links are shortened and tidy looking, CJ and Click Bank affiliate links are often long, sloppy and spammy looking. If you post a long, spammy looking link somewhere online, people aren’t likely to click on it. Companies like TidyURL have come about to overcome that hurdle. TidyURL can be used to shorten and clean up any web link.

When asked, what is online affiliate marketing? The company that immediately comes to mind for me is The Six Figure Mentors. I believe they offer the best affiliate marketing opportunity.

What is online affiliate marketing?

I hope I’ve helped to answer that question. Affiliates use the internet to supplement and even replace their full-time income online, by connecting buyers to products or services and getting paid a commission. If you’re working a job that you’re not passionate about, if you’ve always known that you wanted to be in business for yourself, but didn’t know where to start, now you do! Before reading another thing about affiliate marketing or making money online, read my blog post on the Six Figure Mentors here.

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