How to set up your YouTube channel

  • February 22nd, 2017
  • YouTube
  • Matt T. Nathanson

How to set up your YouTube channel

Many people still don’t realize how powerful YouTube can be. It’s a free way to spread content and to bring people to your website or offer, but what’s the best way to set up a YouTube channel? I’ll detail a few things that I’ve learned, that I think will help you too.

Before you even begin, make sure you’re crystal clear on why you’ve got a YouTube channel. Who are you trying to reach?

Step 1: Make sure your banner fits and looks nice. YouTube has specific size requirements at 2560 x 1440, which is much wider than the average photo. You can create one for free at or can hire someone to make one for you at for $5. Stock photos can also be purchased at or

Step 2: On your YouTube banner/header, include a photo of you that showcases your personality and make sure to include links to your social media pages and website.

Step 3: Record and upload a video of yourself, explaining why you have a YouTube channel and how it can help others. Make sure it’s tagged with keywords and has an in depth description under the video. Be sure to link to your website, social media pages, landing page and/or other YouTube videos.

Step 4: Notice that YouTube gives you the option to have one home page for new visitors and also a home page for returning visitors. Make sure that you’ve selected the video of yourself from Step 3, to be shown to new visitors who’ve not subscribed to your channel. You’re able to select any video from those you’ve uploaded to YouTube.

Step 5: Create playlists.  Upload videos of similar content to the same playlist. Highlight your best playlists to show to people. Will those who’ve already subscribed want to see different playlists from those who haven’t yet subscribed to your channel? Subscribing simply means that people will be notified via email when you upload a new video.

How to set up your YouTube channel

Step 6: Make sure you tell people how you can help them on your “About” page.

Step 7: If you have other YouTube channels, be sure to link to them under the “channels” tab on your YouTube homepage.

Step 8: Promote your channel! Post links to all new videos on your social media pages. Each view counts because the more your video is seen, the more relevant YouTube deems it to be so the video will be more likely to be found when people are searching.

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