How To Create More Income

How to create more income how to create more income

How to create more income, is a question that totally depends on whether you’re wanting to go into business for yourself, or work for someone else. I’ll assume you’re reading this because you want to be your own boss.

There are a few keys to unlock this door. The truly successful digital entrepreneurs strive to offer more value than their competitors. These people become known as experts in their fields and look to help a specific niche or subset of people. If you’re new to the digital economy ask yourself, “What do I know about?” or “What common problems can I help to solve?” or “What really interests me?” or “What do I want to learn more about?” There’s a spiritual adage that says, “What you want for yourself, give to another.” Another way to say that is, “What you’re interested in learning, teach!” Chances are there’s a worldwide group of people who are hoping to learn about what you know and/or what you hope to learn!

Leverage is used to scale the online business into a well-thought-out sales funnel, far beyond what’s possible in the old brick and mortar storefront economy. The business coaches at Satori Prime say, “To better define a Sales Funnel without getting too ‘techy’ on you, you need to understand that it’s an online process in which you take a cold prospect, and methodically move them through a pre-built automated structure. This process educates, builds a relationship with them, while offering value in an area of life where the prospect has a defined problem and you have a solution or remedy for it… Ultimately, this process and alignment with solving the prospects problem will allow for the marketer or business owner to earn authority, becoming a valuable resource of information to the prospect and showing a clear path to solving the issue the prospect is facing.”

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In the old model, the business owner must trade his or her time in order to make more money. The digital entrepreneur automates the sales process so that his or her effort makes them money 24/7. The process is set up once and then runs itself forever. If you’ve read some of my other blog posts, you know my answer to the question, “How to create more income” is to find someone who’s done it and do what they did! My best suggestion is to check out the Six Figure Mentors and their digital experts academy, which gives students the opportunity to earn money while they learn how to create more income using the internet. Their sales funnel is designed to sell progressively more expensive, complementary products to the same customer and they teach their students the power of this concept. It’s far easier to sell again to the same customer than to find a new one. The Six Figure Mentors sell information, so money can be made 24/7 and once the content has been created, it can be sold over and over again. Even something as simple as blog posts can be turned into pdf’s for free at and then grouped together and marketed as an e-book. That is how you leverage your time.

Another great example of leveraged time and a proper sales funnel would be investment firm, Stansberry Research. I signed up for a $25 investment newsletter several years ago and was amazed by the research, and made money in the stock market after following their recommendations. I’ve since paid them thousands of dollars for access to more of their research and newsletters. They are experts in their field and turned one customer who only started out paying $25 into a lifelong customer who paid a lot more than that.

Successful digital entrepreneurs also leverage their time by automating the sales process. Aweber is an email auto-responder service that can be set up to email your contacts whenever you like. The service can even tell you who has or hasn’t opened your emails, who’s clicked your links within the emails, and be set up to send additional emails to those people while you sleep. The goal is to spend fewer time away from the things you love! The Six Figure Mentors give their students a code to then pass onto Aweber and they take are of all the email follow up and the entire sales process. Their system is really pretty cool. With this system in place there’s no more exchanging your time for money.

Hopefully this has got you thinking more clearly on how to create more income for yourself and your family. The days of trading your time for money can be over today.

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