How To Compress a Video File

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How To Compress a Video File

If you backup your files somewhere and pay for storage, compressing them is a great option to reduce the space your renting and thus your cost to store the file.

Google Drive does not allow video content to be hosted on websites and I would shy away from using YouTube because they can shut your account down for just about any reason and then you lose all that content.

I store my files at and have been a happy customer. It’s one of the least expensive options available and where most of the videos on my website are hosted. I do host some of them on YouTube because the more views a video gets, the more likely YouTube is to show that video to its users who are searching for content.

The free software I use to compress my videos is called HandBrake. Download at I made a quick video to show you how easy it is, but there’s a secret trick! It’s in the settings. I hope this helps!

Click the play button below to view the video.

how to compress a video file using handbrake

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