10 benefits of self employment

10 benefits of self-employment. ANYONE can enjoy them

10 benefits of self-employment.  ANYONE can enjoy them.

I love being self-employed and anyone can enjoy it.  Here are 10 benefits of self-employment.  If my reasons speak to you, click the link at the bottom to meet my online business mentor.

10 benefits of self employment

10) I love being self-employed because I get to drop my youngest daughter off and pick her up from school.  I could do the same for my older daughter, but my wife takes that responsibility.  I played football growing up and my dad only missed a handful of practices over six seasons because he was self-employed too.  He told me that he always wanted to be available for me and my sister.  I can still hear my teammates bitching about his cigar smoke.

9) I love being self-employed because I’m available for friends.  My friend, Janie came in town last weekend and I was able to hang out late, partying and was also there to eat breakfast and lunch with her.  Janie’s great friends with my wife too, so don’t think I’m a shady, two-timing dirtbag!

8) I love being self-employed because when I’m tired, I can turn my phone off and lie down.  I have the freedom to unplug whenever I want to.  This morning I took my daughter to her speech therapist and then we ran a few errands together.  My back was hurting and I was exhausted by the time we got home, only two and a half hours later.  I was able to put one of my meditation tracks on and lean my recliner back.  I am so grateful for that.

7) I love being self-employed because I’ve gotten to know my neighbors.  I mostly work from home and so I’m around and have been lucky enough to bond with the people who live nearby.  Our kids play together.  We borrow things from each other.  When my family leaves town, my neighbor’s kids watch our home and babysit for our girls when my wife and I have a date night.

6) I love being self-employed because I can go to the gym whenever it’s convenient for me.  I usually go around the same time, but I don’t have to.

5) I love being self-employed because I was able to swing by Lowe’s at 10 am and not only grab the light bulbs we needed, but had time to shop for a new house plant.  The gal at the return desk was having a tough morning and I got to share my good vibes and pull a smile from her.

4) I love being self-employed and not having a typical office.  I get to use various coffee shops and can leave when I want to, not when the clock hits a certain time.

3) I love being self-employed because I can go outside whenever I like, for as long as I want to.  I get to drive around and rock out to music.  I’m no longer stuck in a cubicle.  That was one of the worst times of my life.  Human beings are not meant to be stuck inside, working in cubicles all day.  That’s nuts.  Nor are we meant to be sitting all day.  Sitting for long periods of time is horrible for our bodies.

2) I love being self-employed because I can take my car to get an oil change and work from their waiting room.  All I need is a laptop and internet connection and I’m cookin’ with gas.  And, their coffee’s not bad!

1) Finally, I love being self-employed because I write my own paycheck.  No one has power over me.  I don’t have to answer to someone I don’t like and can tell anyone to “F” off.  I don’t, but I could!  I’ve learned that life is much easier when my ego is flexible and I’m consciously helpful and nice to people.

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10 benefits of self-employment

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