Top 10 mistakes in online business – What you SHOULD DO!

Top 10 mistakes in online business and what you SHOULD DO!

Top 10 mistakes in online business – What you SHOULD DO!

Many people hate their jobs and wish they could go into business for themselves, but have no idea how.  I’ll share the most common mistakes and then tell you what to do, if you think this online self-employment is for you.

Top 10 mistakes in online business – What you SHOULD DO!

Top 10 mistakes in online business and what you SHOULD DO!

10. Having unrealistic expectations.  Everyone wants to get rich quick, but my experience has taught me to run from anyone who promises fast money.  There are new skills to learn in any new venture and thus mistakes to make.  Cut yourself some slack and give yourself more than a few weeks or months to see results.

9. Trying to sell a product or service that you’re not passionate about.  This is one of the most common reasons all salespeople fail.  If you don’t think your product kicks ass, neither will others.

8. Not properly budgeting time or money toward your online business.  If you don’t have a marketing budget or can’t pay others to do work for you, you must trade your time.  How much time per week can you commit to growing a business while you’re working your 9 to 5?  If you don’t have much spare time, how much money can you commit to advertising or paying others to write and distribute marketing content for you?

7. Not properly identifying what it is that you offer and who you can help.  Do you have a product/service of your own to sell or are you representing someone else’s?  Who will benefit from that product or service and where do they hang out online?  You must target market.  If you’re marketing to everyone, you’re marketing to no one.

6. Losing yourself in worry and overwhelm.  “I can’t do this.” is a common lie that we tell ourselves.  Many people try to paddle upstream and effort through things when they should take a break and come back to it after regrouping.  This leads to stress and often times, quitting.

5. Failure to research competitors.  How is your product or service different from what else is out there?  If your product is substantially similar to your competitors, how are YOU different.  Why would someone want to buy from you and not the other guys?

4. Trying to do everything yourself.  I’ve learned to use to hire cheap labor.  I’m writing this blog post myself, but people will write content for you for only $5!  Similarly, you can cheaply hire others to manage your website, syndicate content, etc.

3. Creating content for unimportant issues.  Just because you know a lot about a certain subject, doesn’t mean that you’ll make money sharing that information with the world.  Proper keyword research is essential.  If no one is looking for the info you’re sharing, you’re wasting your time.

2. Not having a plan.  If you treat your online business like a hobby, you’ll get hobby results.


1. Not hiring a mentor or guide.  I spent four years wasting time and money while trying to learn the skills that others are happy to teach.

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Top 10 mistakes in online business – What you SHOULD DO!

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