Six Figure Mentors Scam – System Exposed REBUTTAL

Six Figure Mentors Scam?

I was looking for something unrelated and found a few reviews that asked, Is The Six Figure Mentors a scam? I’ve been an active affiliate for The Six Figure Mentors for a year as of the time of this writing, so I think I’m qualified to offer a counter opinion.

Here are the arguments that label the Six Figure Mentors a scam and I’ll give you my take:


  1. They charge a $29 application fee when other affiliate products/programs do not.
    1. The owners of the SFM address this in one of their training videos. Many people entered into their system hoping to get-rich-quick and expected overnight results without working for it. Those same people were then leaving negative reviews online, saying that the program does not work. The SFM began to charge the $29 application fee to dissuade those people from joining. It immediately separates those who are serious about learning new skills and those who are not.
    2. There’s a 30-day money back guarantee and no contracts.  You can cancel at any time.
  2. There’s not much taught in first couple modules.
    1. The modules start out assuming that you’re new to internet marketing. They lay the ideas that make up the foundation of affiliate and internet marketing and ask participants to map out their goals. I was brought up to set goals and work toward them and I’ve made something of my life. Goal setting works.
    2. I have pages and pages of notes from the first five modules. The Stealth Marketing video alone in module five, is four hours long! C’mon man. There’s plenty of info!
  3. Roadblocks prevent students from progressing through the program at their own pace.
    1. This isn’t true. There’s a vast video training library and finding it was actually a huge mistake. I got off-track and focused my energy on building a website instead of learning how to market. Had I followed their step-by-step direction, I’d have found success much sooner.
  4. The information they teach is available for free all over the internet.
    1. Yes, that’s true. Good luck putting it all into a step-by-step process.
  5. They recruit their students as their sales people.
    1. Yes, that’s true. Like Mary Kay and Isegenix, they allow their students to build their own businesses by reselling the product. I immediately thought the owners were geniuses, not con-artists. The system is designed so that people who don’t have their own product or service to sell, can market the SFM and make money while learning. You don’t have to sell the SFM’s curriculum and become an affiliate. It’s available to you, should you choose and they reward affiliates with some of the most attractive commissions you’ll find. In addition, they have 80% of the work done for you. They provide website, hosting, landing pages, tracking, affiliate link cloaking, the product funnel, training, etc.
  6. They only teach students how to sell the SFM’s curriculum.
    1. Not true. I’m a wedding minister and am using everything I’m learning to market my own products. I’m building the funnel, setting up the website, creating the content, setting up email auto-responder and remarketing. Because of Google’s advertising policies I cannot link directly to them, but check out The training videos opened my mind to possibilities and I’ve re-done the website for my primary vocation, set up and put together in the last year.
  7. There’s lots of up-selling once enrolled.
    1. Yes, it’s true and my one complaint. They give lots of incentives to upgrade with deadlines attached to those incentives. In my opinion they should ease back a bit, but they openly talk about it in the training videos. People procrastinate unless you give them a sense of urgency, and that’s part of internet marketing.  Not to mention, once you’ve invested, you’re much more likely to give it your attention and make something out of your investment. Don’t you want to know the strategies that work, so you can turn around and use them to make money yourself?
  8. It’s a multi-level-marketing scheme.
    1. Not true. I make money if you enroll, but I make no money off of anyone you then sign up, if you decide to become an SFM affiliate. Multi-level is when I make money off the people you sign up, and the people they sign up, and the people they sign up, etc. Multi-level companies encourage you to solicit family and friends. The SFM addresses this specifically and argues that internet marketers are able to get their products and services in front of the people who are looking for those products and services, so you don’t have to solicit anyone you know. The SFM is NOT multi-level.
  9. It’s expensive
    1. Not true. I spent four years trying to sell by drop-shipping products and as an Amazon affiliate and made very little money. $25 a month for basic memberships and $97 a month for Elite memberships is cheap in comparison to years of failure, losing time and money in the process. Their training library is vast. Most people pay $120 for cable television and only watch ten channels! You truly can change your life for $25 per month. You get out what you put in, like anything in life.
  10. The owners stand in front of high-priced cars and homes in their marketing material.
    1. Give me a break. Then get mad at every beer company for showing you attractive girls in their commercials!

Six Figure Mentors Scam – System Exposed REBUTTAL

The Six Figure Mentors is not a scam. I have learned a ton and have no regrets about giving them my money in exchange for their training. I’m here to answer all your questions and walk you through the modules as your guide, FOR FREE. I’ll help you and share my experience.

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