Six Figure Mentors Free Training Video #1 Review

Six Figure Mentors Free Training Video #1 Review

Six Figure Mentors Free Training Video #1 Review

The Six Figure Mentors free 7 day video series is a great introduction to affiliate marketing. In video 1 viewers are introduced to Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross, co-founders of the six figure mentors. The last time Jay worked for someone else was in 2004, when he worked in an automotive parts store. He felt like something was missing and felt trapped, and had bad credit, but decided to take control of his life and found internet marketing.

In the process of learning internet marketing, he met Stuart Ross. Stuart was a college drop-out, but successful in real estate sales. After doing well for 7 years and having lots of money in his bank account, he still felt unfulfilled. He hated wasting his life while commuting and the long hours. Stuart discovered marketing and tried to sell to local businesses by cold calling and cornering business owners, and then felt even less fulfilled. He stumbled onto affiliate marketing and realizing that he could market to the world and not just his local community, went for it and met Jay Kubassek along the way.

Together, they created a digital business system and a way for the average person to live the coffee shop laptop lifestyle, and go into business for themselves. The system is designed to get the average person up and running quickly.

Be on the lookout for my review and summary of video #2 in their 7 day video series!

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Six Figure Mentors Free Training Video #1 Review

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