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How To Visualize: Tony Robbins

If you’re not familiar with Tony Robbins, I promise you he’s worth checking out. He’s an amazing coach and I listen to his videos regularly to find a little motivation and inspiration.
The video below I found to be particularly great and I think hearing it will motivate you too.
Stand up and actually do the activity that he goes through at around 10 minutes into the video. It will change the way you think!
Fast Forward the video to 3:44

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The video should give you a much better idea why top coaches have their athletes visualize competing and winning. Our minds are much more powerful than we think.

Actually stand up and go through the exercise in the video with Tony. You’ll soon see how much control you actually have over your circumstances.

When our mind sees potential, opportunity, growth and expansion of who we are, life seems to unfold in a way that makes it true.

The opposite also holds, that if our thoughts are on lack, losing, getting the short end of the stick, or unfairness, then life tends to unfold in a way that proves us right.

Next time you have a big sales call, meeting with the boss, or serious conversation with your spouse or partner, visualize the ideal outcome before picking up the phone or entering that conversation. See the potential and then create a positive life.

I hope this video got you thinking and hope you have a great day!

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Matt T. Nathanson
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Stuart talks about vision moments. My girls screamed with delight, as they touched snow for the very first time and like a light switch, I instantly realized that no job was worth missing my kids’ childhood and making quality memories together. That’s the vision that keeps me motivated. I’m putting the effort in now, so I have free time and extra money to make memories with my wife and kids for many years to come.

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“Every day I make sure that in some capacity, I’m investing in myself. Unlike school, as a self-learner, you get to choose the areas you’re enthusiastic about and you get to choose the people that you’re learning from.” The most important investment I’ve ever made has been in me and my education, not a 401k. The return on your investment is the ability to earn income, no matter what the economy is doing.

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Find someone who has what you want and do what they did! Find someone who’s willing to teach, who’s been there and done what you’e looking to do, and follow their lead. I tried to build several online businesses early on, without a guide, and failed. Then I found the SFM and their guidance allowed me to succeed. It’s designed to help anyone go into business for themselves online.

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If you don’t know your values, then it’s time to uncover and illuminate them. Then, everything else you do will be aligned with your values. I decided to make a change and learn the skills necessary to be self-employed online, so that I’m always available to make memories with my wife and kids. God, integrity, loyalty, having fun, and passion are a few other values I hold dear. What values drive your daily actions?

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It’s your time. Join us and we’ll show you how to recreate your life!

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