How To Make Money With Network Marketing

Can you really make money with network marketing?how to make money with network marketing

People sign up, fail and then ask, how to make money with network marketing. Network/multi-level marketing companies can offer people a way to build their own businesses from home in their spare time. It seems like a wonderful opportunity for those who dislike their jobs, but it’s much tougher than you might imagine. Unfortunately, there have been companies who scam people by using this model, so soliciting people you know can be an uphill battle. I was briefly involved with one MLM company that sells natural healthcare products called, Melaleuca.  It’s a legitimate company with great products, but success was still tough to find. So, how to make money with network marketing?

Let’s look at why people usually fail. First and foremost, people don’t receive any training. Many of these companies hype up new recruits with visions of making tons of money quickly and send you on your way to figure it out. The expectation of making money quickly is part of the reason people fail. Like any new job, it takes time up front to receive the benefits later. You must set time aside daily to build your new streams of income. Some of these companies have videos and training materials, but they’re often ignored. Newbies get on Facebook and solicit everyone they know, and then verbally throw-up on their friends and families. It’s important to identify the people who will truly benefit from the products, and the people who might want to build another stream of income in their spare time. Then, leave everyone else alone.  

Not taking “no” for an answer and continually bringing it up to people who aren’t interested is an easy way to alienate yourself from those you care about. Two friends of mine got into an MLM and wouldn’t stop trying to sell us all vitamins and it was incredibly annoying.

One of the best ways to receive proper training is to ask the person who recruited you. They’ll usually hold your hand and guide you. Or, find out who in the company is doing really well and reach out to them. They’ll probably be flattered that you asked. Find a company you believe in and get excited about it! You’ll then have a story to tell others and that’s what will interest people, not your products necessarily, but your story.

When I’m asked, can you really make money with network marketing, I tell people the above and then share the brutal truth… that most people don’t. The minute someone knows that you’ll make money off them if they sign up, they shut down and energetically close themselves off from you. At least, that was my experience.

Does your gut tell you that network/multi-level marketing isn’t for you?

The Best Online Business Idea

I found a better way and a better model to attract those who are really looking to start their own businesses from home. There’s an alternative to building an MLM downline and a company that does much of the selling for you! Their training shows students how to build a six figure income online without chasing anyone down, cold calling, or convincing anyone. Their digital business system gives students the ability to earn money while learning how to earn money online, simultaneously. Their system offers the tools, technology and leverage to enable those who are serious to be seriously successful.

That company is the SFM and you can find out more here.

There are many secrets to effectively using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogging, and pay-per-click advertising. After struggling to make money online for four years, I discovered the SFM and learned the necessary skills to succeed.

If you’re really interested in building your own business, to be your own boss and to have multiple streams of income that no one can take away from you, there’s no better company to align yourself with. Stop asking friends and family and start attracting people online, who are looking for ways to earn a living from home!  It’s far easier, less stressful and a much more effective use of your time.

How to make money with network marketing?  The truth is, you probably won’t.

People are given hope by the idea of network marketing, but then reality comes crashing down on them. They have no training and turn off friends and family. They don’t know how to effectively get in front of strangers. No one has showed them how to properly use social media, and network marketers often have their social media accounts blocked or shut down for ignoring or not knowing the Facebook or YouTube policies. If what I just said disappoints you, SMILE because there is a way and that can be shown to you right now.  

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