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How To Be Happy: What’s A Gratitude List?

I’ve had a rough couple days, so I go back to basics, to blocking and tackling as my former coaches might say. That means that I open my toolbox and utilize something I’ve learned and today, I chose to write a gratitude list. If you want to know how to be happy, it’s a simple and great option to quickly fix your thinking.

Click on the video below to hear how it helped me, and how it can help you too!

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This morning my list looked like this….. I am truly happy and grateful for:

1. My wife
2. Our high-end home stereo
3. My favorite bands, like The Dirty Heads, Sublime, Rebelution, 311, etc.
4. That my legs and back have the strength to support me so I can dance
5. The internet, because it provides me with the ability to earn a living
6. A really delicious peach
7. A really great pen
8. A soft, new pair of socks
9. That I’ve never had to shave with a blade
10.Electricity, so I can use my shaver!

There’s lots to be grateful for, even when it seems like the world is dragging you over the rocks. If you’re in a negative head-space, I encourage you to write a gratitude list every night before bed and every morning not long after waking up for the next 10 days. After that, I’m willing to bet you’ll see the silver lining.

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