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The 6 Best Platforms to Earn Interest on Bitcoin and Crypto

You can use your crypto holdings to create multiple streams of income. The most common methods are interest bearing accounts, staking your crypto, and contributing to liquidity pools. In this post I’ll cover the simplest option, which is depositing your bitcoin with a crypto bank to earn interest. How to earn interest on your bitcoin … Continue Reading

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How to write a blog for affiliate marketing

I used to laugh at the idea of blogging, but then discovered I was the fool for judging. What I didn’t understand at the time was that most bloggers are affiliate marketers, promoting other people’s products and services and getting paid for their referrals. Other bloggers have courses they’ve created that they’re selling and others … Continue Reading

funny coronavirus meme

200 of The Funniest Coronavirus Memes

There was a time when logging onto Facebook only showed me negativity, sickness and death. So, in order to generate a few smiles and lift people’s spirits I asked my Facebook friends to post the funniest Coronavirus memes they could find and so far I’ve got around 195 to share with you! I personally know … Continue Reading

what is safe social distance

What Is Safe Social Distance

Island-Time Living is about more than just working from your laptop and being your own boss. It’s also about state of mind… about being at peace and in a place of low stress. Last night I went to my neighbor’s safe social distance driveway movie and it’s normally just been the people on my street. … Continue Reading

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