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The internet has changed the way money can be made and the average person can now go into business for themselves, but most aren't sure how. My name is Matt Nathanson and I teach people how to create internet income and the vacation lifestyle, island-time living! If you have no current product or service to promote, the affiliate marketing program with the SFM will show you how to build a profitable online business from scratch.  

It's entirely possible to be making money while you sleep in 6-8 weeks and potentially making a six figure income within the year.  Trading your 9-5 time for money will be a thing of the past and you'll be able to quit the job that you don't love.  It all starts by entering your email address at the bottom of any page and then watching the free 7-day video boot camp that explains how it's all done, the very same video boot camp that changed my life and I sincerely hope it's the start of the next chapter for you too.

SFM picI grew up in Tucson and graduated from the University of Arizona at the end of 1997. I became a Certified Financial Planner and partnered in a successful financial planning practice until I fell ill in 2005. Since then I've had three spine surgeries (probably 45-50 procedures total) and seen more doctors than most people do in their lifetime.

Over the last 12 years I've learned that most of what we experience comes from our thoughts, beliefs and perception so I'm always questioning those things and I encourage you to question what actions you've taken and not taken, to work from your computer and be your own boss. I'm always trying to find out how I fit into things and also attended the University of Metaphysical Sciences, where I got a Master's degree and was ordained as a minister of metaphysics, and the SFM teaches "attraction marketing," which is built on the metaphysical idea that we get back what we put out to the world around us. The idea is that you and I are an energetic match, otherwise the universe wouldn't have brought us together and you wouldn't be reading this right now. That's how I built my business as a wedding officiant.  I used photos of couples having fun on my website and thus attracted likable, laid-back couples who then asked me to officiate their wedding. My hope is to attract aspiring digital entrepreneurs and to watch them succeed. Hopefully that's you!

I trade my time for money as a wedding officiant, which I truly love, but want to earn money without being there. Enter online marketing!  In the four years that I've been supplementing our income online, I've made quite a few expensive mistakes. Had I been given proper direction, I would have started making lots of money a lot sooner! Allow me to guide you and success can be yours today!

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