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My name’s Matt Nathanson and I was a Certified Financial Planner before becoming disabled from an injury to my chest and spine in 2005. Drugs and surgeries didn’t help me, so I became a student of my thoughts and emotions and after going back to school and getting ordained as a minister, began to officiate weddings part-time in 2008. It’s the coolest, most rewarding job of all time, but I wanted a way to diversify our income and found Stuart and the SFM after clicking on a YouTube ad in 2015.

The training completely changed my wedding business. I began to receive far more client inquiries than I could handle and I soon discovered that I was working more hours and away from my wife and kids even more. While on vacation in Flagstaff Arizona in January 2018, my kids got to play in snow for the very first time and the joy on all our faces was like a light switch for me. I instantly knew without a shadow of a doubt that while my job helps provide from my family, it actually takes me away from them. In that moment I drew a line in the sand and decided to do whatever was necessary to set ourselves free from our careers online and began to seriously spread the word about the SFM as an affiliate.

Then I had an unexpected surgery that didn’t go well and the result was being crippled again. I’m no longer able to officiate weddings and trade my time for money, so my decision to join the SFM has turned out to be one of the smartest ones I’ve ever made. My journey with the SFM started as a way to grow my existing business while simultaneously setting up a plan B and health challenges have brought us to a point where I am able to truly appreciate how important having a plan B is, because now we have no choice but to make it our plan A.

Digital education is career insurance and a way to protect your income.

If your career takes you away from the people and things you love most, I can help you create a life on your own terms and earn a living while doing it. The SFM takes much of the guesswork out of online entrepreneurship and I’d be thrilled to be your guide.

Submitting your application comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Feel free to check it out, and if it’s not for you just get your money back by emailing support@thesfm.com.

Discover How To Create A Life On Your Own Terms And Earn A Living While Doing It

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