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My name’s Matt Nathanson and I knew from my very first job at Mr. Suds Car Wash when I was 16, that I wanted to be the boss and make the rules. But like most people I took a corporate job out of college, so going into work every day felt a lot like combing my hair the wrong direction.

My sales goals were constantly changed to benefit my former employer, coworkers regularly stabbed each other in the back, I had a miserably long commute and zero passion for the job. So, my experience working in corporate America was a negative one, but it helped me identify the things that are truly important, like autonomy and self-reliance, integrity and loyalty, perseverance and the confidence to live a life of purpose.

Long story short, an injury led to serious health issues and onto a quest of self-discovery. It was time for a career switch, so I went back to school and became ordained as a minister of metaphysical sciences, and began to officiate weddings for work toward the end of 2008.

I’ve officiated hundreds of weddings and absolutely love it, but I’ve discovered that working weekends takes me away from making memories with my wife and young kids and no job in the world can replace that lost time. So, I’m in the middle of another career switch and fully transitioning into online business, which affords even more freedom and flexibility.

I met some really great mentors who introduced me to a community of people just like you and me! Not only are we learning the skills needed to support ourselves online, but we’ve found purpose and are expanding who we are as individuals. It’s a place of lifting ourselves and each other up and into happiness, health, and real wealth.

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There’s no need to feel stuck, lost, or alone anymore. Welcome to the next and best chapter of your life!

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